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Hit the Road to health!

The app was developed by the World Health Professions Alliance ( WHPA), with the support of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations ( IFPMA).

HealthyScore helps you rate your habits on a stoplight. Customizable reminders support you down the road to healthier living.

The HealthyScore App is designed to:
1. Educate individuals on how to improve their health through positive behavior and lifestyle changes.
2. Empower individuals to work with their health professionals to establish personal health goals and to track their progress over time.

The HealthyScore is the App version of the WHPA Health Improvement card, an important component of the WHPA noncommunicable disease campaign.

Data Protection: The lifestyle behaviors, personal commitments and reminders will be stored on your personal device only. The HealthyScore App does not share any data with other applications, providers, or third parties.

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What is the WHPA Health Improvement Card?

The WHPA Health Improvement Card (HIC) helps individuals rate their behaviors. Behaviors in red are labeled as highly risky. Behaviors in yellow indicate caution, and those in green correspond to healthy, sustainable behaviors. The goal is to help patients gradually move their behaviors to the green area.

Acting as a scorecard the HIC keeps track of biometrics and behaviors that affect a patient's likelihood to develop a chronic illness over the long-term. Four biometric indicators and four lifestyle indicators provide a comprehensive panorama on the patient's health status. A constant use of this resource allows individuals and health professionals to develop targeted interventions to improve their health and well-being.

The four biometrics help monitor:
o Body mass index and cholesterol, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
o Fasting blood sugar, to help prevent diabetes
o Blood pressure, to check for hypertension

The four lifestyle indicators are shown to:
o Avoid tobacco use and harmful alcohol consumption
o Improve diet
o Undertake regular sufficient physical activity
o Achieve and maintain healthy weight
o Manage tension and stress
o Promote preventive care and screening for preventable illnesses

The Health Improvement Action plan and reminders support have been included for individuals and their health professional to establish mutually agreed goals so as to improve both lifestyle/ behavioural and metabolic/biometric risk factors over time.

Overall, the HIC helps the health community pay due attention to the inextricable link between social determinants of health and the incidence of all Non Communicable Diseases-extending the scope to mental and oral health illnesses.

By focusing on a holistic approach to health, WHPA goes beyond the narrow frame of corrective NCD action and promotes a sustainable change in behaviors to achieve health. WHPA hopes this initiative will strengthen the patient-doctor communication channels as well as primary healthcare systems.

The scorecard reminds patients that health is in their hands. The HIC was developed with the support of the IFPMA.

The WHPA Health Improvement Card comes along with a Guide For Patients And The Public and a Guide For Health Professionals.